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Our Philosophy

As caregivers in Cache Valley, we believe in compassion, excellence and reliability. We respect each person’s right to a safe home life focused on comfort, independence and dignity. We believe our clients come first and that building relationships and working together is how we can be successful as a community of compassionate caregivers.

Nursing Assessment

A home care assessment is an essential step in determining the specific skilled nursing, personal, or companion at-home care services an individual may need. A registered nurse will come to your home to perform an initial assessment of your needs and your home and complete the admission process with you. As care continues, an RN or LPN will make mandatory re-assessment visits every 6 month for those patients receiving personal care services and every 12 months for patients receiving homemaking services only. These visits include an assessment of the services rendered and the satisfaction and ongoing needs of the client.

Personal Caregivers​

A Personal Caregiver’s goal is to help people live more independent lives. With patience and professionalism, Sunshine Cares caregivers bring a kind-heart and commitment to their clients’ homes. They may provide assistance to patients with:

  • the self-administration of medication (handing patient bottle, opening bottle, reminders)
  • transfers
  • dressing
  • meal prep
  • eating assistance
  • oral hygiene
  • personal hygiene including toileting and bathing
  • taking vital signs
  • administering emergency first aid
  • homemaking services


Homemakers help maintain independence, facilitating their clients ability to care for themselves to the best of their abilities with support and patience. They can help conquer loneliness and isolation with friendly and compassionate care. Tasks to provide assistance to a patient or family with home services may include:

  • Meal prep
  • Eating assistance
  • Online shopping
  • House cleaning
  • Pet care
  • Grooming (care for fingernails and hair – no bathing)
  • Management of communication such as phone, zoom, emails, and internet usage
  • Respite care

Geriatric Consultation

As older adults begin to anticipate a greater need for care and support, a geriatric consultation can help determine your mental, social and emotional needs and how these needs connect with physical and medical conditions. Developing a care plan and learning what community resources are available to help as a whole can link you with access to care and support programs you need. 

Contact Dennis Wildman, CSW/MSW at 435-716-8546 to schedule an appointment.

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HIPAA Notice

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