What is Hospice?

Hospice Care is not a place, but an overall approach to living well through end-of-life care. If you or a loved one have chosen care and comfort with a life-limiting illness, we focus on helping you live well and with dignity to make every day count. With care designed to improve the quality of your life wherever you call home – your house, assisted living center or nursing home – our team approach brings compassionate symptom control, pain management, social, emotional and spiritual support to you and your family.

“You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to live until you die.”

– Dame Cicely Saunders, Founder of the first hospice

Our Hospice Philosophy

Patients and their families are at the focus and center of the care we provide. The philosophy of hospice is to recognize that quality of life, peace, and comfort at the end of life should be the focus when curing a patient’s disease is no longer possible. Our hospice team helps people with life-limiting illness live their
final months pain-free and with dignity.


Our Services

Your care needs are unique. The care of each person varies. You and your family decide how often and what type of services will help you feel most comfortable, while staying true to your values.

To support you and your family, our hospice team works to:

  • Provide care that relieves pain and symptoms. This care includes our Medical Director and nursing staff working closely with our patients, their families and their primary care physician;
  • Respond to emergencies or questions 24/7;
  • Offer assistance with bathing and personal cares through our certified nursing aides;
  • Provide personalized social work support to you and your family to help manage the practical, mental, emotional and social challenges of a life limiting illness.
  • Offer life review and spiritual support for any spiritual issues that may arise;
  • Teach families and caregivers specific care techniques, such as turning, positioning and transferring, bathing and giving medications;
  • Arrange for necessary equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen, bedside commodes and wheelchairs;
  • Coordinate any additional help and special services needed in the home;
  • Offer grief support, which may include writing letters, making telephone and personal contacts, counseling, or providing opportunities for education and sharing your experiences in our Peaceful Healing group;
  • Provide information about hospice care settings outside the home, such as nursing homes or residential facilities;
  • Provide any other Medicare covered services needed to manage pain and other symptoms related to your terminal illness, as recommended by the hospice team;
  • Provide or coordinate short-term inpatient care, or respite care, when a caregiver needs relief.

Our hospice philosophy embraces these values:

  • You have the right to be informed of all options available to you and you have the right to choose
    those options that meet your values, culture and beliefs;
  • You have the right to live your remaining days as fully as possible and in a familiar environment;
  • You have the right to experience relief from physical, spiritual and emotional pain that frequently
    accompanies a life-limiting illness;
  • You and your family have the right to care that supports you as whole individuals;
  • You have the right to a sense of peace knowing your family will continue to receive grief support after you have died.

You may receive care at your place of residence (including your private residence, nursing home, or residential facility). An interdisciplinary team of professionals is responsible for the care of each hospice patient, including Registered Nurses, Medical Social Worker, Hospice Medical Director, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Nursing Aides, and trained Hospice volunteers.

Schedule a Hospice Assessment

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Alternately, you can call our office at 435-716-8541. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

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