“I want to express to the AquaWorx administration & staff how very impressed I have been with their methodology and equipment. For more than 11 years, I have been treated by hospital-related physical therapists for sciatica and other disorders. This is the absolute first time I have experienced hands on therapy by a P.T. who used pressure on muscles regarding pinched nerves. They stay right with me the entire therapy time, which is not customary when P.T.s have used ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat, cold, etc., mostly applied by aides. These modalities have been mostly unsuccessful in the past.

This is why I have been so happy with both the hands on method and the immersion into the therapy pool, which has a treadmill on the bottom. The P.T. stays with me and instructs me on exercises in the water, which is far superior to using the machines or doing reps of exercises that are painful. The buoyancy of the water allows me to exercise pain free.

There is a total caring attitude of the staff which is geared toward getting to the problem creating the pain, then implementing a plan to alleviate the cause of the pain, not just a “Band-Aid approach.”

I have personally observed patients being taken to this marvelous pool in wheelchairs, assisted onto the level platform where they can hold onto the railing while being electronically lowered into the water. When necessary, the P.T. actually goes into the water with the patient.

Having been an RN for 25 years, and seeing much suffering which could be helped by AquaWorx, I would highly recommend to any physician, orthopedist, etc., to send their M.S., Stroke, post-surgical patients and others who could benefit from this very state of the art facility to receive a professional evaluation and treatment plan that is found no where else in Cache Valley.

Everyone I have talked to has never heard of this facility. It would be a great public service to enlighten the medical community and the general population as well. I am so grateful that my own physician told me about AquaWorx and referred me to them. I am finally getting legitimate help for a long-standing problem.”

– Bonnie

“Following brain surgery in 2006 my legs started to swell and it became increasingly difficult to walk. The skin became so tight and shiny you could almost see yourself in the reflection. After checking out negative for Congestive heart failure my doctor told me it was just because I was fat, and to go home and lose weight. My legs became so large that even if I could lift them, I could not use standard exercise equipment. Eventually even walking more than a few feet became out of the question. After five years of decreasing mobility, I finally got angry enough to start demanding answers. Six different doctors scratched their heads; numerous tests and 11 vials of blood later I still had no answers. Only good thing to come from all that was a prescription for physical therapy.

I chose AquaWorx because they had pool therapy with an underwater treadmill. It was the best thing I could have done. In the first minutes of meeting with a physical therapist I was told I could possibly have Lymphedema, and that they had a treatment for it. Because they could not diagnose, I went back to my doctor and he agreed. I finally had an answer – even more than that I had hope.

I was very impressed from my very first appointment at AquaWorx. Everyone from the receptionist to the director was exceptionally helpful and friendly. You can feel their compassion and concern the moment you step in the door. The pool therapy was totally awesome. Even before I started treatment for Lymphedema I was very encouraged to discover that my legs still worked! The range of motion was something I thought I had lost entirely.

Meeting with Doris, the occupational therapist who specializes in Lymphedema, changed by life. Within just a couple of days there was noticeable improvement. In less than a week I was able to see more of my feet than just my does. By the end of 2 weeks I was able to wear socks!

At first I wondered at the whole process, it seemed such a non-technical way to deal with a very serious problem. Doris was able to explain the science behind the methods and it made perfect sense. I can see why doctors don’t have the answers. It takes a certified trained professional to know the ins and outs of treating this condition and it is not a standard course of instruction at medical school.

The amazing thing about Doris is her ability to be professional, energetic, knowledgeable, cute and spunky all at the same time. From the beginning she answered every question, explained every process, and even gave me her cell phone number in case any other questions came up. Sometimes she called on days I didn’t visit to check on how things were going. From the very onset her goal was to train me in self-management. Unable to do the wraps myself, Doris took time to train my husband to do the wrapping so we could do it at home. She has done everything she could possibly do to work herself out of a job.

As a result of brain surgery I have some handicaps that required Doris to adjust her procedures. She is very good at “thinking outside the box” and has gone out of her way to find techniques and supplies that fit my special needs. Doris is trained and proficient at her craft. Her skill in the treatment of Lymphedema is evident by my speedy progress. I have learned that Lymphedema requires lifelong care, but with the information and training I have received from Doris I’m ready to take it on and enjoy my improved quality of life.

AquaWorx is one of the best-kept secrets in Utah. I felt providence had a hand in guiding me to the help I needed. I will ever be indebted to their caring and qualified staff and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their quality of life.”

– Michelle’s Story

“Three months ago, while attending a Parkinson’s support group, I became aware of a physical therapy gym in Logan called AquaWorx. Several member of the support group have been going to this gym for several months, and they gave it their highest praise. The very next day I went to AquaWorx, received a personal tour through the facility, and met the staff. Thus, another fan of AquaWorx is born!

From the chief administrator, Michelle, to the full and part-time trainers, the team at AquaWorx cares deeply and sincerely about their patients. The whole facility is run by a staff that is positive, encouraging and knowledgeable in the field of physical therapy. Anybody who comes through the front door quickly becomes like family to the staff. The atmosphere is cheerful and encouraging, but also very professional.

I have been greatly impressed by the physical facilities. The place is always spotlessly clean, and the machines are easy to use. Without any hesitation, I joined with a monthly membership, and cannot fully express the positive effect it has had upon me already.

I addition to needing some exercises to delay the physical symptoms that usually come with Parkinson’s disease, I needed to strengthen one of my legs that had been greatly weakened while I went through surgery and the subsequent recuperation for a hip replacement. Angela, the physical therapist who worked with me on that, was loaded with medical knowledge, and had plenty of exercises specifically designed to help me strengthen that leg. Another trainer, Nicole, has spent hours with me, explaining, instructing and encouraging. Nicole also taught a six-week course designed for individuals with incurable medical conditions and how best to deal with the emotional and physical changes that soon beset the average patient. My husband came with me to these weekly sessions and found it to be very useful. Nicole and an assistant who helped did a great job.

I have recommended AquaWorx to at least three friends, in the last 5-6 weeks, each of whom has joined, and are now regular and enthusiastic attendees. Please know that the word is quickly spreading about this wonderful facility. They are truly change lives.”

– Susan

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