Home Based Care

Sunshine Cares

We all strive to remain independent and safe at home. Yet sometimes we begin to see an older adult’s need for additional help. It could be that he or she is having a hard time getting to appointments, seems confused by instructions, or perhaps loneliness is a common concern. Most often, change happens gradually. By providing home based care early, before day-to-day life is impacted in a significant way, we can help clients stay safely at home and reduce caregiver stress. In-home care assistance can also provide support for caregivers, giving them a needed break to manage family, career, or personal issues. Your own health and the quality of your caregiving can be impacted with a bit – or a lot – of assistance.

Sunshine Home Health

It is where you are comfortable. It has surroundings you know. It’s reassuring. It is where you want to heal and stay. Sunshine Home Health understands the unique healthcare needs of patients and their families, focusing on achieving the optimal level of function, health and safety. We work with you, your family and your primary care physician to improve your condition so that you are as self-sufficient as possible. We customize and provide contracted services based on your needs in the comfort and happiness of your own home. With care and support, we ensure your dignity, control and independence.

Sunshine Hospice

Hospice is not a place, but an overall approach to living well through end-of-life care. If you or a loved one have chosen care and comfort with a life-limiting illness, we focus on helping you live well and with dignity to make every day count. With care designed to improve the quality of your life wherever you call home – your house, assisted living center or nursing home – our team approach brings compassionate symptom control, pain management, social, emotional and spiritual support to you and your family.